Screening of gestational diabetes mellitus in antenatal women using DIPSI guidelines


  • Ketaki Kaustubh Junnare Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, S.K.N.M.C. & G.H., Narhe, Pune, Maharashtra
  • Shyam Rameshwar Adhau Department of Biochemistry, S.K.N.M.C. & G.H., Narhe, Pune, Maharashtra
  • Mamata Vishnu Hegde Department of Biochemistry, S.K.N.M.C. & G.H., Narhe, Pune, Maharashtra
  • Pushpalata Ramesh Naphade Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, S.K.N.M.C. & G.H., Narhe, Pune, Maharashtra



Gestational diabetes mellitus, DIPSI


Background: GDM is associated with serious maternal as well as fetal complications, which can be prevented by early detection & prompt treatment. There is need of universal screening of all Indian pregnant women for GDM using simple & economical screening criteria. This study uses single step OGTT as per DIPSI guidelines to find out prevalence of GDM in pregnant women attending antenatal OPD.

Methods: All the antenatal patients at 24-28 weeks of gestation (n = 352), attending Antenatal OPD, irrespective of their prandial state were given 75 gm glucose and venous blood samples were collected after 2 hours of oral glucose. A report of ≥140 mg% were labeled as GDM as per DIPSI guidelines.

Results: Out of 506 subjects screened, 33 (6.52 %) were positive for GDM.

Conclusions: Low prevalence of GDM may be because of less sensitivity of DIPSI criteria.


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