Symptomatic, radiological profile of patients with endobronchial aspergilosis: a descriptive study

Abdul Azeez A. M., Deepak U. G.


Background: Aspergillosis is a common presentation, involving respiratory system and is usually seen as a fungus ball that colonizes and grows into a pre-existing lung cavity, in the majority of cases secondary to pulmonary tuberculosis (PT). An endobronchial aspergilloma (EBA) is a rare disease, and another, but unusual, presentation of aspergillosis, characterized by the growth of Aspergillus species into the bronchial lumen. These two different presentations of aspergillosis can co-exist in the same patient. endobronchial aspergillosis, a variant of invasive aspergillus tracheobronchitis, a rare manifestation, where disease is limited to tracheobronchial tree without invasion of lung parenchyma and in many cases incidentally diagnosed, in a patient who had undergone a bronchoscopy to investigate haemoptysis, or for another reason.

Methods: Patients who were attending respiratory OPD with symptoms of cough with expectoration with immune compromised status or previous history of tuberculosis with abnormal chest X-ray were subjected to chest CT scan, with abnormal endobronchial mass in CT scan were further investigated with fibreoptic bronchoscopy and histopathological examination.

Results: 16 patients were diagnosed as endobronchial aspergilloma of which 11 patients were having past history of tuberculosis, 9 patients were having type 2 diabetes mellitus on treatment, 2 were having cardiac disease.

Conclusions: IATB is a rare manifestation caused by Aspergillus species affecting people with immunocompromised status or previous respiratory pathology like tuberculosis leading to formation of mass like growth obstructing the airway lead to respiratory distress and it should be taken as differential diagnosis in patients with previous respiratory pathology presented with mass like growth in bronchi.


Aspergillosis, Bronchus, Endobronchial

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