Stenosis in single coronary artery originating from right sinus of valsalva: asymptomatic upto sixth decade of life

Kasam Subramanyam, Guru Kiran Dangeti, Rangaraj R. Ramalingam, Nagraj S. Moorthy


Among all coronary anomalies, the prevalence of single coronary artery (SCA) originating from right sinus of Valsalva is 1.3%. Here, we report a rare case of a 60-years-old male serendipitously diagnosed with SCA originating from right aortic sinus with pre-pulmonic course of anomalous left coronary artery (LCA). His angiogram revealed 90% stenosis in distal right coronary artery with normal anomalous LCA. Thus, the patient was treated with percutaneous coronary intervention using a stent and was found stable post-procedure.


Anomalous left coronary artery, Percutaneous coronary intervention, Single coronary artery

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