Published: 2018-12-26

The implementation of prevention of mother-to-children HIV transmission program by private midwife practice at Denpasar city

Ni Made Rai Widiastuti, Ni Wayan Sukma Adnyani


Background: HIV infection is one of the top health concerns and contagious diseases which could lead to the death of mother and child. Based on the Health Department of Bali Province data (2014), the number of pregnant women who willingly did PMTCT test is 5,029 (42.91%) out of 11,719 pregnant women. This shows that the achievement is still below the national target which is 78% of HIV-tested pregnant women. This research sought to find out the factor which affects the implementation of PMTCT care by BPM at Denpasar city in 2018.

Methods: This research was an analytical research using cross-sectional approach. The selection of sample used total sampling technique in which 73 BPM fulfilled the inclusion criteria. Data analysis utilized univariate analysis, bivariate analysis with chi-square test correlation test which was followed by multivariate analysis with logistic regression.

Results: This study showed there was a significant relation (with p value <0.05) between the variable of working period, training and motivation with midwife compliance in PMTCT care. The most dominant variable which affected midwife compliance was working period variable (>5 years).

Conclusions: Supervision from policy makers from Health Department and Public Health Center (Puskesmas) was essential in conducting a review regarding on PMTCT regularly to increase the scope of PMTCT at BPM.


Compliance, Denpasar, Pregnancy, PMTCT

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