Treatment of giant cell tumours of bone by radical curettage and bone cement

Mriganka Medhi, C. M. Badole, Girish Mote


Background: Giant cell tumour of bone remains a difficult and challenging management problems because there are no absolute clinical radiographic or histologic parameters that accurately predict the tendency of any single lesion to recur or metastasize.

Methods: We performed surgery on 12 patients of GCT with radical curettage and bone cement over a period of 5.8 years. Results were evaluated using the musculoskeletal skeletal grading system.

Results: The present series consists of 12 case of GCT age ranging from 16-45 years. Painful swelling was the commonest presentation, limitation of motion was seen in 9 cases and pathological fracture was seen in 1 case. 9 of the tumour occurred around knee joint. Rare involvement of talus was seen in 1 case. Overall 9 patients had a perfect functional score of 30 points and 1 patient scored less than 20 points.

Conclusions: Acrylic cement reconstruction is safe and effective procedure that provides local adjuvant therapy, the cement field defect is mechanically stable. Patient can bear weight immediately and rehabilitate quickly.


Bone cement, Functional outcome, Giant cell tumour, Radical curettage

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