Anaplastic carcinoma of thyroid: with osteoclast like giant cells: an extremely unusual finding in fine needle aspiration cytology


  • Mourouguessine Vimal Department of Pathology, Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College and Hospital, Kalitheerthalkuppam, Madagadipet, Puducherry 605107
  • Tukkaram Chitra Department of Pathology, Karpaga Vinayaga Institute of Medical Sciences, GST Road, Chinna Kolambakkam, Palayanoor PO, Madurantagam Tk, Kancheepuram 603308, Tamilnadu



Anaplastic carcinoma of thyroid, Osteoclast like giant cells, Fine needle aspiration cytology


Anaplastic carcinoma of thyroid is a very rare malignant entity with aggressive behaviour. The FNAC finding of Osteoclast like giant cell in this malignancy is a very rare event with only hand full of cases are reported in the literature. This case report highlights the significance of cytological diagnosis of Anaplastic carcinoma of thyroid with Osteoclast like giant cell in a 70 year old man using simple FNAC technique and its role in determining the treatment plan.


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