Role of laparoscopy in the diagnosis and management of benign adnexal masses

Ajay Wakhloo, Suksham Sharma, Gagan Singh


Background: Adnexal masses are frequent findings in women of all age groups. It consists of the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterine ligaments. Women can present with various gynaecological complaints and adnexal masses could be detected while examining and investigating for these complaints. The aim was to study the role of laparoscopy in diagnosis and management of benign adnexal masses.

Methods: The study was conducted on 48 women of reproductive age group. Per speculum examination was done and PAP smear was taken before bimanual examination was done. A complete per vaginum examination was done and the adnexal mass was assessed for its size, side, consistency, laterality and tenderness. Laparoscopy was done to confirm preoperative diagnosis and appropriate procedure done depending on diagnosis.

Results: Pain in the lower abdomen was the commonest chief complaint seen in 87.5% cases. 41.67% cases were suspected to have endometriosis while on laparoscopy it was seen in 47.92%, 33.33% were suspected to have ovarian cyst which decreased to 25% on laparoscopy, ectopic pregnancy in 16.67% cases both pre-operative and on laparoscopic examination and tubo-ovarian mass in 8.33% cases pre-operatively and 2.08% on laparoscopy.

Conclusions: This study has shown that if proper preoperative evaluation was done, author can select the appropriate patients for laparoscopic approach.


Adnexal masses, Clinical examination, Laparoscopy, Pre-operative diagnosis

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