Published: 2019-01-25

Correction of kyphotic deformity due to neglected fracture dislocation thoracolumbar spine with posterior vertebral column resection

Andhika Yudistira, Syaifullah Asmiragani, Ery Satriawan


Kyphotic deformity is serious problem for sagittal spinal balance and resulting back pain, neurologic impairment, and also cosmetic problem. Post traumatic kyphotic deformity most common occur following unstable spine. A circumferential approach with anterior release via discectomies and corpectomies, followed by posterior instrumentation and fusion has been the standard of care. This is a case of progressive post traumatic kyphotic deformity due to fracture dislocation which was performed laminectomy without posterior instrumentation and succesfully corrected with single step posterior vertebral column resection.


Kyphotic deformities, Laminectomy, Posterior vertebral column resection, Thoracolumbar fracture-dislocation

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