Relationship between leptin levels and lipid profile in obesity adult in Puskesmas Nanggalo Padang working area

Bina Diana, Rima Semiarty, Eti Yerizel


Background: Obesity is a condition with abnormal or excessive fat accumulation in adipose tissue so that it can interfere with health. Leptin is an adipokine produced by adipose tissue that acts as the main regulator in regulating energy balance and weight. High leptin levels inhibits lipid synthesis, fatty acid synthesis and acetyl CoA carboxylase which contributes to lipid accumulation. Leptin and lipid profiles were found to be elevated in obese subjects. The purpose of this study was to determine differences in leptin levels and lipid profiles between obese and non-obese adults, to know the association between leptin levels and lipid profiles in obese adults in the Nanggalo Padang health center work area.

Methods: Comparative cross sectional research design. The research was carried out in the Nanggalo Padang Health Center, Biomedical and Biochemistry Laboratory, Medical Faculty of Andalas University in December 2017 until August 2018. The sample was 22 obese adults and 22 non-obese adults. The sample was taken by consecutive sampling technique. Serum leptin levels was measured using the ELISA method and lipid profile using the CHOD-PAP and GPO-PAP methods. Data analysis using data normality test with Shapiro Wilk, mann whitney T-Test and correlation.

Results: There was a significant difference between obesity and non-obesity leptin (p<0.05), there was no significant difference between total cholesterol (p>0.05), triglycerides (p>0.05), LDL (p>0.05), HDL (p>0.05), there is a weak association between leptin levels and lipid profile.

Conclusions: There was significant difference in leptin levels between obese adult and non-obese adults, there was no significant difference in lipid profiles between obese adults and non-obese adults, and there was a weak association between leptin levels and lipid profiles in obese adults.


Leptin level, Lipid profile, Obesity

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