Published: 2016-12-27

Correlation of non alcoholic fatty liver disease in patients of coronary artery disease

Khwaja Saifullah Zafar, N. A. Wafai, S. F. Haque


Background: In NAFLD, increase in factor VIII and a reduction of protein C leads to the progression from steatosis to cirrhosi. The aim was to study the correlation of NAFLD with other associated risk factors of CAD.

Methods: A total number of 100 patients of coronary artery disease were assessed for presence of NAFLD, dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome & diabetes by various laboratory tests.

Results: 46% of the CAD patients were found to have NAFLD. 69.6% patients of NAFLD were in the age group of 40-60 years. 21.7% were above 60 years. 91.1% of NAFLD patients were males. Half of the NAFLD patients were diabetic. 21.7% of NAFLD patients were found to have a total cholesterol level >200. Triglyceride level was also high among these patients (58.7%). All the NAFLD patients had LDL <100. 52.2% of them had metabolic syndrome.

Conclusions: The study showed a direct correlation between NAFLD & CAD. Metabolic syndrome, diabetes, increased total cholesterol & triglyceride level were also associated with increased risk for CAD. However LDL level was not found to be associated with NAFLD risk.


Coronary artery disease, Fatty liver, Non-alcoholic risk factor

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