Published: 2019-12-25

Limberg flap for reconstruction after excision of multiple conglomerate epidermoid cysts

Nida Khan, Karna Chedda, Dipesh Goel, Rontgen Rajakumar, Pragati Singhal


Epidermoid cysts are common, subepidermal, keratin containing nodules, found anywhere on the body in 3rd and 4th decade of life. Surgical treatment is by complete excision with wall of cyst intact. Author presents a 40-year-old male with multiple sebaceous cysts in close proximity to one another on his left thigh. Individual cyst excision would have lead to a difficult primary closure, need for multiple incisions, with contracture and poor cosmesis due to the close proximity of the cysts. instead, the cysts were excised in mass and limberg flap was used for reconstruction and primary closure. Patient was followed up for 6 months. The objective of this study was to prove that limberg flap yields superior cosmesis and healing by primary intention in reconstruction after excision of multiple epidermoid cysts.


Epidermoid cyst, Limberg flap, Reconstruction flap, Rhomboid flap

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