TORCH IgM seroprevalence in women with abortions as adverse reproductive outcome in current pregnancy

Sana Tiwari, Balvinder Singh Arora, Rupali Diwan


Background: The aim of present study was to know the TORCH IgM seroprevalence in pregnant women with abortions as adverse reproductive outcome in current pregnancy.

Methods: A total of 63 women with abortion as adverse pregnancy event in current pregnancy and a total of 150 women with full term normal pregnancy formed our control group. IgM antibodies against TORCH agents were detected by ELISA and results were expressed qualitatively as positive and negative.

Results: Evidence of TORCH infection was seen in 66.7 % of women. Highest percentage was for HSV infection (30.10%) followed by rubella (14.2%), CMV (12.6%), and toxoplasma (9.5%). seropositivity was found highest in age group 21-25 years.

Conclusions: TORCH infections during pregnancy cause foetal loss. ELISA test continues to be a useful sensitive technique as the evidence of acute TORCH infections in pregnancy.


TORCH, IgM seroprevalence, Abortion, ELISA

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