Evaluation of the effectiveness of seminar as an educational tool among the medical post graduate students

Kasi Babu A., Vijaya Babu P. V. S. S., Bhagyalakshmi A., Kumar S. V.


Background: The departments of medical colleges have a greater responsibility in making the study methods of their subject innovative, interesting and participatory for the post graduate students. One such method adopted is organizing seminars for the post graduate students. The post graduate education depends on self-learning. Knowledge acquisition through seminars forms an essential part of their training programme.

Methods: This study assesses the role of seminar as teaching-learning tool by recording the perception of post graduates on seminars through a questionnaire based survey.

Results: The scores for most of the items of a twenty point questionnaire were above three indicating the learning from seminar is satisfactory. Seminar methods of teaching-learning, in contrast to the traditional didactic class room lecture method, is more effective way of  learning, which is relevant to self-development and is also interactive. This method provokes discussions and debates which help post graduate students to voice their opinion and clear their doubts.  

Conclusions: Many of the post graduate students feel that this technique of seminar programme is useful amidst some suggestions to improve quality. Thus the post graduate seminar method is a teaching-learning method that covers the three major domains of teaching i.e., cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills and is thus effective and well -accepted among the post graduate students.



Seminar, Post graduate students, Questionnaire

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