Published: 2019-03-27

A rare complication of spontaneous rupture of incisional hernia: case report

Nimesh B. Thakkar, Abhesinh Chauhan


Incisional hernia Complicates only 2%-10%. Spontaneous evisceration of content is very rare but whenever it occurs, it demands emergency surgery, to prevent further obstruction, strangulation of bowel and to cover its contents. The hernial contents can be covered primarily by mesh repair if the general condition of the patient and local condition of the operative site allows or can be covered by skin followed by delayed mesh repair. Authors report such rare case of spontaneous evisceration of omentum in 35 years old female patient who was known case of incisional hernia for 2 years. Neglect for early operative intervention or delay in seeking the treatment for an incisional hernia increases the risk of rupture.


Incisional hernia, Mesh Repair, Spontaneous evisceration, Rare complications

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