Published: 2019-02-27

Chronic cholecystitis with follicular lymphoid hyperplasia: nomenclature and diagnostic dilemmas

Alka Dixit Vats, Vertika Gupta, Monica Mehendiratta, Nitika Anand


Background: To revisit the nomenclature, prevalence, histogenesis and the diagnostic dilemmas in cases of cholecystitis with lymphoid hyperplasia received in a private laboratory in one-year duration.

Methods: A total of 51 cases of cholecystectomy were examined histopathologically to identify and review all the cases with emphasis on cholecystitis with marked lymphoid infiltration.

Results: Out of 51 cholecystectomy specimens, some rare entities were observed such as 4 cases (8%) of xanthomatous change, 2 cases (4%) of cholecystitis with follicular lymphoid hyperplasia and a case of hyalinizing cholecystitis.

Conclusions: The literature on cholecystitis with marked lymphoid infiltrate (with or without follicle formation) was overlapping and thus confusing. The same has been simplified with review of literature.


Cholecystitis, Gall bladder, Follicular hyperplasia, Lymphoid hyperplasia, Lymphoplasmacytic cholecystitis

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