Efficacy of intracuff dexamethasone in reducing the incidence of post-operative sore throat: an original article


  • Reshma Sugathan Department of Anaesthesia, Sree Gokulam Medical College and Research Foundation, Trivandrum, Kerala, India
  • Sumesh Raj Department of Internal Medicine, Sree Gokulam Medical College and Research Foundation, Trivandrum, Kerala, India




Cough, Dexamethasone, Intracuff, Normal saline, Postoperative, Sore throat


Background: Postoperative sore throat is the most common and most distressing complaint of patients after general anaesthesia with cuffed endotracheal tube. By this study our aim was to assess the efficacy of intracuff dexamethasone in reducing the incidence of this distressing postoperative symptom.

Methods: Patients were divided into two groups D and N depending on cuff filling with dexamethasone and normal saline respectively. The cuff was prefilled with dexamethasone or normal saline  one hour prior to intubation to allow time for cuff to be saturated following which the cuff was deflated. General anaesthesia was administered and patients were intubated, and cuff inflated with drug according to group allocated. Patients were assessed and graded for sore throat using VAS scale both at rest and with swallowing. Assessment was done one hour, six, 12 and 24hours post operatively. Presence of hoarseness of voice and cough was assessed on a 2-point scale 0=absent and 1=present, 24hrs after surgery.

Results: The incidence of sore throat at 24hours postoperative was reduced in group D than in group N. 4 patients (8%) in group D had sore throat while 27 patients (57%) in group N had sore throat at 24hours. This was statistically significant (p<0.05). The cough incidence was reduced in group D while there was no difference in incidence of hoarseness of voice between the two groups.

Conclusions: Intracuff dexamethasone decreases the incidence of postoperative sore throat when compared to intracuff normal saline. Dexamethasone also reduces postoperative cough incidence but does not reduce the incidence of hoarseness of voice.


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