Published: 2019-07-25

Hepatitis B awareness and vaccine status among allied health science students

Anupriya Aasaithambi, Mikun Manoj, Prabhusaran Nagarajan, Uma Alagappan


Background: Hepatitis B is endemic throughout the world and occupational exposure to HBV is very common among health care professionals. The main objective of the study was to assess the knowledge about HBV virus, modes of transmission and vaccination status.

Methods: This was a prospective cross-sectional study which was carried out among 60 Allied Health Students in a tertiary care teaching hospital. The valediction of the questionnaire was done by a pilot study before starting the survey.

Results: The respond rate was 96% and knowledge on causative agent was 93%, the organ affected 81.7% and modes of transmission were 70%. Awareness about vaccination and its importance were also assessed. The participants completed their three doses of vaccination were 12%, two doses 70% and not yet started was 18%. Awareness about other health care related infections through needle stick injuries and the risk percentage of contracting infection in the order of HIV, HBV and HCV was answered correctly by 81% of the participants.

Conclusions: This study may help to impart the knowledge and awareness about HBV among the student population who lack knowledge regarding mode of transmission and fatal consequence. This study may further help the student population to inculcate health precautions during their clinical exposure in the near future.


Awareness, Hepatitis B, Needle stick injury, Vaccination

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