Aneurysmal fibrous histiocytoma

Istan Irmansyah Irsan, Thomas Erwin C. J. Huwae, Satria Pandu Persada Isma, Agung Riyanto Budi Santoso, Hanindya Prasojo


Aneurysmal fibrous histiocytoma is rare clinicopathological variant of Cutaneous Fibrous Histiocytoma. The clinical manifestation of Aneurysmal Fibrous Histiocytoma is often confusing to distinguish from other skin lesions. Most of the cases showed rapid increase in size or a history of recurrence, however histologically all are almost similar. Rarity of aneurysmal fibrous histiocytoma and high numbers of recurrence rate poses a big diagnostic challenge. Late treatment will result in a decrease until loss of function of the affected region.  In this article, author reported the case of aneurysmal fibrous histiocytoma of the hand in 7 years old girl with restricted at 2nd-3rd metacarpophalangeal joints. The patient had undergone a series of investigations until finally a wide excision was carried out. Excision tissue was performed CD 68 and CD 34  immunocytochemical smear to establish the diagnosis. It was not simple to make diagnosis aneurysmal fibrous histiocytoma. While it is benign, the lesion can appear malignant, and one should consider an excisional biopsy to rule out malignant conditions. The diagnosis had to be confirmed by histopathological and performed immunocytochemical smear. It was often necessary to take aggressive actions with wide excision and reconstruction.


Aneurysmal, Fibrous histiocytoma, Immunocytochemical, Metacarpophalangeal joints, Skin lessions Wide excision

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