Published: 2016-12-28

Clinicopathological representation of nonmetastatic Ewing sarcoma of the scapula - a case study

Vinod Kumar A., Ramesh Shankar, Kaviraj Mahadevan, Susheela M.


Ewing sarcoma (ES) is a rare type of small cell tumor of the bone and soft tissues. About 50% of ES arise in the femur and pelvis. We present a case of ES of the scapula in a seven year old female child. Because of its similarity with other small cell tumors, the diagnosis of ES is challenging and requires a combination of methods like CT scan, MRI report, histopathological evaluation and IHC, etc. The MRI report of our case has shown a consistent 5×4 cm3 mass on the left scapula. Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy of the tumor has been further analyzed. Small, round and oval cells with densely packed nuclei and scanty cytoplasm, which are characteristic to ES were observed microscopically. A positive reaction to vimentin and CD99 and negative result for the biomarkers meant for other types of tumors, favours the diagnosis of ES. The chromosomes analyzed from the peripheral blood of the patient have shown a normal karyotype. Early diagnosis of ES is very crucial for treatment. Histopathology and IHC are indispensible tools in the diagnosis of ES.


ES, Histopathology, IHC, CD99, Karyotype

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