Published: 2019-08-27

Nephrocutaneous fistula due to textiloma with in the pelvicalyceal system

Soumya Mondal, Amvrin Chatterjee, Souvik Chatterjee, Krishnendu Maiti, Dilip K. R. Pal


Textiloma or gossypiboma is an embarrassing surgical scenario. Nephrocutaneous fistula is itself a rare complication after renal surgeries, but due to textiloma, it is rarest of the rare. In this case, 30-year-old lady presented with the complaints of chronic seropurulent discharge from a wound on her right lumbar region. On exploration it was found to be a retained surgical sponge in pelvicalyceal system, which was there for last seven years.


Gossypiboma, Nephrocutaneous fistula, Textiloma

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