Clinico-pathological profile of abdominal tuberculosis and their treatment response in a tertiary care centre

Rajani Mavila, Manoj D. Kottarath, Niyas Naseer, Neethu Thambi, Vinayak Mohan


Background: Abdominal tuberculosis is an important clinical entity having varied mode of clinical presentation. So the diagnosis of abdominal TB is difficult and careful approach to the patients and supportive investigation data are necessary to make the final diagnosis. Objectives of the study were to evaluate the clinic-pathological profile of patients with abdominal TB in a tertiary care centre in northern Kerala and to assess their response to anti-tubercular therapy under DOTS.

Methods: This was a retrospective follow up study conducted in the department of Pulmonary Medicine in association with the department of Gastro-medicine and Surgery, and medical college DOTS centre Pariyaram Medical College, Pariyaram Kannur district–Kerala, India. Total 55 patients with abdominal TB diagnosed on the basis of clinical profile and supported investigation data like gross morphological findings at endoscopy, colonoscopy, diagnostic laparoscopy, laparotomy or histologically proven caseating granulomas were selected for this study.

Results: Out of the 55 patients, 31 were males and 24 females with age ranging 16-80 (Mean 30.01±11.7) years. Abdominal pain was the most common presenting symptom in 45 (81.81%). The diagnosis of abdominal TB was confirmed histopathologically in 42 (76.36%). Remaining 13 (23.64%) cases were diagnosed microscopically and with supportive clinical and imaging background. All the patients were treated under DOTS.

Conclusions: Neither clinical features, laboratory, radiological and Endoscopic methods nor bacteriological and histopathological findings by themselves provide a gold standard in the diagnosis of abdominal TB. If diagnosed early, it can be treated successfully with anti-TB drugs.


Abdominal tuberculosis, Abdominal pain, Histopathology

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