A case of pigmented fungiform papillae of tongue in a young female with iron deficiency anaemia

Shoiab M. Patto, Nazish M. Keena, Beenish M. Keena


Fungiform papillae are red/pink, mushroom shaped projections located on the tip and dorsolateral part of tongue. It harbours several taste buds. Pigmented fungiform papillae is a not so common benign condition which involves pigment deposition in fungiform papillae. Authors report a case of 35 years female who presented with history of blackish spots over tongue for past 10 years with no other associated symptom. Patient had conjunctival pallor (moderate) and rest of the examination was normal. Investigations showed iron deficiency anaemia with Hb. of 9.5 mg/dl. A clinical diagnosis of Pigmented Fungiform Papillae (PFP) with associated Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA) was made. Patient was explained in detail about the benign nature of disease and was put on oral iron therapy. Follow up after 2 months was advised.


Asymptomatic, Benign, Hyper pigmented, Fungiform papillae, Iron deficiency anaemia, Tongue

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