Published: 2019-09-25

Role of propranolol in the management of infantile hemangioma

Manwendra Kumar, Sudhir Kumar, Pankaj K. Chaudhary, Amit Kumar


Background: Infantile hemangiomas are the most common benign soft tissue tumor of infancy and childhood occurring 4-10% of all infants. It is more frequent in premature children (23% of infants <1200g) and females (3:1 to 5:1). For many hemangiomas treatment is not required, however hemangioma in some locations need treatment to prevent complication. The Present study was done with an Aim to assess the efficacy and safety of oral Propranolol in management of infantile heamangioma in our set-up.

Methods: This study was conducted from May 2016 to Nov 2017 at Department of Surgery and Pediatrics, M.L.B. Medical College, Jhansi after obtaining Ethical permission. Patients having confirmed were recruited & admitted for initiation of Oral Propranolol therapy for 5 days under the observation of Paediatrician. Oral Propranolol treatment was continued till the age of 11/2 years. A clinical assessment was made at each visit to the Outpatients Clinic every four weeks.

Results: The incidences of infantile hemangioma were more in age group (0-7 months) i.e 55% (22 patients) followed by age group of (8-15 days) i.e. 30% (12 patients). As age advances presentation gradually decreases as after 30 days incidence is only 5%. Infantile hemangioma were more common in females’ patients (55% patients) & mostly 90% (36 patients) present as single lesion and only 10% (4 patients) present as multiple lesions. Most of hemangiomas presented as reddish in color 80% (32 patients) which reflected lesions are mostly superficial & only 10% were brownish red and 10% skin color indicated incidence of deeper penetration.

Conclusion: Authors found that drug (Propranolol) to be effective even at low dose of 1mg/kg/day. In our study group it was effective and safe in almost all patients.


Age, Infantile hemangioma, Lesion, Patients, Propranolol, Treatment

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