A comparative evaluation of I-gel and laryngeal mask airway supreme in laparoscopic surgeries: a randomized comparative study

Reetu Verma, Nitin Kumar, Hemlata ., Sateesh Verma, Dinesh Singh


Background: Supraglottic airway device results in less hemodynamic responses during laparoscopic surgery but supraglottic airway device to be used should have higher oropharyngeal seal pressure than peak pressure for effective ventilation as laparoscopic surgery also leads to higher airway pressure. In this study the efficiency of the I-gel with SLMA is compared in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgeries.

Methods: Sixty patients were randomized in to two groups, group A where I-gel was considered for airway management and group B where LMA Supreme was the device chosen for airway management.

Results: Oropharyngeal seal pressure was significantly lower in group A than group B, 5 minutes after insertion of airway device it was 24.90±3.03 cm H2O and 27.30±3.41 cm H2O in group A and group B, respectively and 5 minutes after creation of pneumoperitoneum it was 25.53±3.17 cm H2O and 27.57±3.36 cm H2O in group A and group B, respectively. There was significant difference in the difference between inspiratory and expiratory tidal volume between the groups at all the time periods being higher in group A than group B. Hemodynamics were comparable between the two groups. Time taken to insert the airway device and Ryle’s tube insertion was significantly lesser in group B in comparison to group A. The percentage of complications was higher in group A than group B with no significant (p>0.05) association.

Conclusions: Both the I-gel and SLMA devices can be used safely in laparoscopic cholecystectomy in non-obese patients. But in SLMA group oropharyngeal seal pressure was higher with lesser leak volume in comparison to I-gel group.


Cholecystectomy, I-gel, Laparoscopic surgery, Laryngeal mask airway supreme

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