Published: 2016-12-30

Study of cutaneous manifestations in geriatrics

Shashikant B. Dhumale, Rajesh Khyalappa


Background: Cutaneous signs and symptoms increases as the age advances. These are physiological as well as pathological changes. They can be due to systemic diseases present in old age.

Methods: All the 200 geriatric patients have cutaneous manifestations.

Results: Pruritus, eczema, stasis eczema, fungal infections were common. Diabetes was found in large incidence i.e. 27.5%, which show certain skin manifestations like pruritus, skin tag etc.

Conclusions: Poor hygiene and systemic medical related senile skin dermatoses are observed. A significant no. of diabetics an emerging disease in India, presented with skin manifestations, which cannot be neglected.


Purpura, Xerosis, Pruritus, Infections, Diabetes

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