Variations of physiological parameters in newly detected hypothyroidism


  • Seethalakshmi K. Department of Physiology, Government Sivagangai Medical College, Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Biju Bahuleyan Department of Physiology, Jubilee Mission Medical College and Research Institute, Thrissur, Kerala, India
  • Sunil K. Menon Consultant Endocrinologist, SKMCDE, Chembukkavu, Thrissur, Kerala, India



Age, Body mass index, Gender, Hypothyroidism, Physiological


Background: Emergence of hypothyroidism as a public health issue apart from a common clinical entity, has gained much attention nowadays. The non-specific features of hypothyroidism lead to incorrect diagnoses, inadequate treatment and complications in the future. The present study was designed to unravel the effects of hypothyroidism on physiological parameters and to highlight the importance of early diagnosis and treatment. This study was done to assess the effects of hypothyroidism on pulse rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate.

Methods: This descriptive cross-sectional study was done in 60 hypothyroid patients of 18-45 years age, both males and females, who were either newly detected or on treatment for less than 6 months. Patients with history of other systemic diseases, pregnancy and hyperthyroidism were excluded. After obtaining written consent from the patients, clinical examination was done.

Results: Student t-test and ANOVA were used for analysis. Physiological parameters like pulse rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate had variations in the patients and there were changes with age, gender and BMI even though they were not significant. These changes were attributed to increased arterial wall thickness and endothelial dysfunction in blood vessels.

Conclusions: The patients showed changes in cardiovascular and respiratory profiles. The variations in systolic and diastolic blood pressures were significant with increase in age. Physiological parameters had variations with gender and BMI also. This proves the cardiovascular and respiratory morbidity in newly detected hypothyroidism, which emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis and treatment in them.


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