Intestinal obstruction in case of internal hernia through congenital defect in falciform ligament in adult

Archit Pankajkumar Parikh, Mohan Prakash Tyagi, Dheerta Atul Kapadia


Small bowel obstruction due to internal herniation of ileum through congenital defect in falciform ligament is exceedingly rare, about 0.2% such cases of hernia through congenital defect in falciform ligament have been reported. The case presentation of 60 year old male patient present in surgery department with acute abdominal pain since 7 days. Based on clinical assessment and radiological evidence, intestinal obstruction was diagnosed. For which patient underwent exploratory laprotomy. The discussion of Intraoperative a loop ileum was found obstructed in congenital defect in falciform ligament. Obstruction was relieved by division of leaf of defect, without the need of intestinal resection.


Falciform ligament, Internal hernia, Obstruction

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