Published: 2019-11-27

Bronchiolitis epidemic: experience of the mother and child teaching hospital of Tsaralalàna Madagascar

Andrianina Harivelo Ranivoson, Ny Ando Andrianina Rabevazaha, Elsa Haganiain Rakotojoelimaria, Mathias Bemena, Ymelda Ramiharijafy, Annick Lalaina Robinson


Background: An increase in the number of children hospitalized for bronchiolitis has been observed on February to April over the past 5 years. This study aimed to describe the bronchiolitis characteristic during the 2019 epidemic as well as its management at the Tsaralalàna Teaching Hospital.

Methods: This is a 3 months retrospective descriptive study, from February to April 2019, including all children diagnosed with bronchiolitis.

Results: Bronchiolitis was diagnosed in 1704 children (40.1%) and 425(29.4%) were hospitalized. Severe bronchiolitis was found in 212 children (49.9%) which were aged under 3 months in 46.7%. Secondary bacterial infection was noted in 359 children (84.5%) and cardiac failure in 145 children (34.1%). Hypertonic saline 3% was prescribed at 76.4% of children.

Conclusions: Younger infant under 3 months were the most frequently admitted in hospitalization. Severe or complicated bronchiolitis are predominant. Using a pediatric plan adapted to bronchiolitis epidemic may improve care of children. 


Bronchiolitis, Children, Epidemic, Heart failure, Hypertonic saline

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