Research attitude and practices of medical teachers


  • Neeraj . Department of General Medicine, Srinivas Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Mangaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Jayshree J. Upadhye Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Varun Arjun Medical College and Rohilkhand Hospital, Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India



Attitudes, Medical teachers, Practices, Research


Background: The present study was conducted on medical teachers to evaluate their attitudes and practices towards research.

Methods: This study was conducted at Srinivas Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Mangaluru, Karnataka India. In a cross-sectional study, randomly, 50 medical teachers were selected for evaluation and assessment of attitudes and practices towards research amongst the medical teachers.

Results: In this study, 44 (88%) of faculties were interested in research. 36(72%) of faculties said that they were using internet for research regularly while 14(28%) of faculties said that they were using internet for research sometimes. 36(72%) of faculties had attended state conferences, 18(36%) of faculties had attended national conferences while 5(10%) of faculties had attended international conferences. 6(12%) of faculties presented 1-2 papers in Conferences, 8(16%) of faculties presented 3-4 papers in Conferences while 36(72%) of faculties presented 1-2 papers in Conferences. 11(22%) of faculties were involved in research with the aim of purely research.19(38%) of faculties felt that resources are inadequate, 17(34%) of faculties felt that reference material is inadequate, 16(32%) of faculties felt that hospital records were inadequate,

Conclusions: In this study, the attitude towards the research was quite healthy. There was a lack of utilization of research facilities and less research output like poster/ paper presentation in academic meets and research publications in the journals by medical faculties.


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