Endoscopic coblation assisted laryngo pharyngeal corrosive stricture adhesiolysis-the first of its kind

Krishna Kumar Kuppurajan, Sangeetha T. Sachithanandam


Corrosive pharyngeal strictures without significant damage to esophagus and stomach were rarely reported. Here we report a case of corrosive acid poisoning with laryngopharyngeal strictures suffering for 39 years with difficulty in breathing, swallowing, phonation and sleep for whom endoscopic coblation assisted stricture adhesiolysis was done which was the first of its kind to our knowledge. As early as 5th postoperative day tracheostomy was decannulated, and the patient was able to swallow soft solids without maneuvers, liquids without nasal regurgitation, breathing via naturalis, phonating with normal neck position and a good sleep with no recurrences in 12 months follow up.


Corrosive, Coblation, Pharynx, Stricture

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