Published: 2020-01-27

Flunarizine: a review of its role in migraine prophylaxis

M. V. Francis, Sumit Singh, Vishal Goyal, Mukundraj Keny


Flunarizine, a potent calcium channel blocker has been used for more than three decades for the prophylactic management of migraine. Theories suggest that flunarizine may act through multiple mechanisms such as inhibition of cortical spreading depression, neurogenic inflammation and channelopathy. Flunarizine is efficacious in the management of various types of migraines such as common, classical, vestibular, abdominal, hemiplegic and pediatric migraine. It has a manageable safety profile with weight gain and drowsiness being commonly reported.


Calcium channel, Channelopathy, Flunarizine, Hemiplegic, Migraine, Prophylaxis

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