Evaluation of mineral status in hypothyroidism in a tertiary care centre

Shikha Saxena, Prem Chandra Srivastava, Rashmi Katyal, Biswajit Das, Sileena Jaideep Pannu


Background: Hypothyroidism is known to be the commonest form of endocrine disorders and has been linked with disturbances in various minerals metabolism. Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and trace element zinc are required for many enzymes in various metabolic pathways which are directly or indirectly regulated by thyroid hormones. Aim and objectives of the study was to estimate serum zinc, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in hypothyroid patients, with the objectives to evaluate any relationship with TSH and to compare them with euthyroid controls.

Methods: The analytical cross-sectional study included 50 hypothyroid subjects with TSH levels >4.5 mcg IU/mL and 50 euthyroid subjects of 20-50 years in RMCH, Bareilly. TSH was estimated by ECLIA, serum calcium and phosphorus were estimated by autoanalyzer and serum zinc & magnesium by the kit method using semi autoanalyzer. All the biochemical parameters were expressed as median with Interquartile Range (IQR). Mann-Whitney test was applied to compare the parameters of cases and control. Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient 2-tailed was used to correlate the parameters among the cases.

Results: A significantly decreased level of serum calcium and increased level of serum magnesium and phosphorus were observed in hypothyroid cases. A significant negative correlation between TSH and serum calcium while a significant positive correlation of serum magnesium and phosphorus with TSH was observed.

Conclusions: The indexed study indicates the significant effect of overt or subclinical hypothyroidism over the mineral status of the body which may have inconsistent effect over the various metabolism and enzymes and thereby clinical manifestations.


Hypothyroidism, Magnesium, Serum calcium, Thyroid stimulating hormone, Zinc

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