Prevalence of pre-diabetes and diabetic status in hypertensive patients


  • Smita Suneet Manjavkar Department of Medicine, ESI-PGIMSR, Andheri, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Jayashree Kharaje Department of Medicine, ESI-PGIMSR, Andheri, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Aparna Gangurde Department of Medicine, ESI-PGIMSR, Andheri, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Manas Save Department of Medicine, ESI-PGIMSR, Andheri, Mumbai, Maharashtra



Pre-diabetes, Impaired glucose tolerance, Impaired fasting glucose, Diabetes, Hypertension


Background: Diabetes and hypertension are known to coexist in patients. The prevalence of hypertension is 1.5-2.0 times more in those with diabetes than in those without diabetes, whereas almost one-third of the patients with hypertension develop diabetes later. In this study, pre-diabetes and diabetes in hypertensive patients and on coexisting risk factors were studied.

Methods: After institutional ethics committee approval diagnosed hypertension cases on treatment who gave written informed consent were studied for duration of disease, drug therapy, family history, manifestations of co-morbidities and investigated for fasting and post-prandial blood sugar, oral glucose tolerance, lipid profile, serum creatinine, uric acid and SGPT.

Results: Out of 100 recruited hypertensive patients 52 were females and 48 were males. 43% were diagnosed pre-diabetics where as 16% were diabetics.

Conclusions: Prediabetes and diabetes are highly prevalent among individuals with known cases of hypertension.


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