Borderline ovarian tumour of mixed seromucinous histology and bilateral presentation: a case report and review of literature

Monika Anant, Sutapan Samanta, Ruchi Sinha


This article reports the case of a 40 year old woman who presented to the gynaecologic outpatient clinic with pain lower abdomen and an abdominopelvic lump. Clinical assessment, biochemical and radiological investigations revealed bilateral complex ovarian masses. Surgical exploration and histology of ovarian masses confirmed a rare bilateral borderline seromucinous cystadenoma. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the importance of thorough examination of women with symptoms of ovarian tumour which can be vague and to emphasize the necessity of a good collaboration between various medical specialties (primary physician/gynaecologist, oncosurgeon, radiologist and histopathologist) for correct diagnosis, optimum care and best outcome. This article also provides overview of the pathology and biology of borderline ovarian tumours, diagnosis, principles of surgical management and to appreciate the value of follow up.


Borderline ovarian tumor, Bilateral, Seromucinous, Surgical staging

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