Osteosarcoma of the femur in early adult: a case report


  • Reem H. Khamis Specialist Family Medicine Physician, Al Thummama Health Centre, Primary Health Care Corporation, Doha, Qatar
  • Thafar S. Al Safar Specialist Family Medicine Physician, Al Thummama Health Centre, Primary Health Care Corporation, Doha, Qatar
  • Nesrin K. Sulyman Consultant Internal Medicine Physician, Al Thummama Health Centre, Primary Health Care Corporation, Doha, Qatar




Biopsy, Non ossifying fibroma, Osteosarcoma, Radiography, Tumor


Osteosarcomas are primary malignant tumors of bone that are characterized by the production of osteoid or immature bone by the malignant cells. Osteosarcomas are uncommon tumors. Most articles reveal difficulty in diagnosing osteosarcoma in early stage due to its resemblance to benign lesion. That’s why we prefer to do case report for documentation. Diagnosis of the tumor is important especially in early stages for improving prognosis. This case report is of a 21 years old female who presented at Primary Health Care Centre with swelling above right knee post trauma a month ago. Previously she was diagnosed as Non ossifying fibroma (which is a benign lesion and uncommon to change to malignant lesion) at the same site in 2017.



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