A study of effect of medications on patients with non complicated acute bronchitis


  • Rohit S. Shukla Department of Respiratory Medicine, Government Medical College, Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Anshuman Sharma Department of PSM, Shyam Shah Medical College, Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, India




Acute bronchitis, Cough, Sputum, Lower respiratory tract infection, Medications


Background: Authors define acute bronchitis as a self-limiting infection of large airways, which is characterized by cough without pneumonia. NSAIDS (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are prescribed in patients with Lower Respiratory Tract Infections (LRTI). In cough, fever and chest pain it is common practice to prescribe NSAIDS or antibiotics. Authors have conducted assessment of effect of medications in the resolution of cough of patients with uncomplicated acute bronchitis.

Methods: It was a single blinded randomized clinical trial conducted in patients admitted to pulmonary medicine department of government medical college Shivpuri. Patients were from age group 18 to 70 years presenting with respiratory tract infection of less than one week’s duration, with cough as the predominant symptom and diagnosed with non-complicated acute bronchitis. Patients were randomized into two groups, group A and B according to medications.

Results: Among 120 participants were randomized (60 to ibuprofen and 60 to antibiotic). The median number of days with frequent cough was slightly lower among patients of group A (12 days) compared with those receiving amoxicillin-clavulanic acid (14 days). No significant difference was found. Adverse effect was seen in 24 patients, which was most common in group B (15.25%) than group A (9.15%). p<0.05).

Conclusions: No significant differences were observed in the number of days with cough between patients with uncomplicated acute bronchitis treated with ibuprofen or amoxicillin-clavulanic acid.


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