A study of health seeking behavior about sexually transmitted infection in women with high risk behavior in an urban slum

Sneha Parve, Shrikala Acharya, Pratik Chide


Background: Health care seeking for sexually transmitted infection is frequently inadequate, particularly among female sex workers because of the low levels of awareness regarding sexual health. Correct diagnosis and treatment with health information are essential components of sexually transmitted infection (STI) services. Objective was to study demographic profile and to assess their health seeking behavior for STI and prevention services.

Methods: Study was done in urban slum in Mumbai. It was cross sectional study conducted from May 2018 to December 2018.

Results: The median age of women was 26 years. Majority belong to lower socio economic class, 39.4% women admitted that they took alcohol on occasions while 22% had sex with alcohol intake, 41% women were using condom during sexual activity. Only 14.5% women completed treatment who had past history of STI.

Conclusions: Ensuring timely complete treatment of STI/RTI among women with high risk behavior is priority to prevent spread among general population.


Condom usage, Female sex workers, Sexually transmitted infection

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