Published: 2020-03-26

A study of clinical and laboratory profile of dengue positive cases in hadoti region Rajasthan, India

Vijay Kumar Meena, Shyam Bihari Meena, S. R. Meena



Background: Dengue fever is one of the most common arboviral mediated outbreaks reported with increased prevalence year after year with considerable morbidity and mortality in hadoti region. the aim to study various clinical and laboratory manifestations of Dengue fever admitted in MBS Hospital KOTA, with a diagnosis of Dengue fever according to WHO protocol from December 2018 to January 2020.

Methods: Prospective observational study was undertaken among adult patients. 132 patients were studied and analysed. And diagnosis was confirmed with Dengue IgM ELISA test. Other routine investigations done were routine hematological and biochemical investigations.

Results: A total of 132 cases, out of which 95 cases of Dengue Fever (DF), 34 cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever and 3 cases of Dengue Shock syndrome, out of which Male: Female ratio was 2.1. and mean age of presentation was 37. Fever and myalgia were the most common finding (100%) followed by arthralgia and headache. Pruritus was found in 21 cases (15.9%) which carried a significant difference between DF and DHF (p value <0.05). Among the laboratory features, thrombocytopenia and hematocrit were found to be statistically significant in DHF patients (p value <0.05). Mean platelet count was 0.71 lakhs/mm3. Leukopenia in 40(30.3%) cases. Raised Serum Aminotransferase level, AST (>40 IU/L) was seen in 39 cases (29.54%.). Pleural effusion was seen in 4 cases (3%), of which 3 cases of DHF and 1 case of DSS. Ascites in 6 cases (4.8%), all cases belong to DHF. Gall bladder wall thickening was seen in 28 cases (21.21%) of which 20 cases (54.04%) were of DHF. Melena was the most common bleeding manifestation. Skin rash was found to be positive in 40.5% cases. Hess test was positive in 4 cases (10.8% of DHF).

Conclusions: Incidence of dengue fever is on the rise in hadoti region and one of the most important differential diagnosis of patients presenting with fever during monsoon and post monsoon seasons.


Ascites, Arboviral, Dengue fever, Shock syndrome, Urea

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