Published: 2020-05-26

Gallstone ileus, the forgotten one: a rare cause of intestinal perforation and a case report

Osvaldo Ivan Guevara Valmaña, Hugo Enrique Beyuma Mora, Chantal Gonzalez Chavez, Laura Maria Murguia Zamora, Elias Gil Loaeza, Luis Fernando Palacio Pizano


Gallstone ileum represents an unusual cause of intestinal obstruction as a result of the presence of stones that cause mechanical obstruction. It has an incidence of less than 4%. Reaching mortality up to 25% of cases. It is a difficult suspicion, with characteristic signs that guide its presence such as pneumobilia, occlusion, and the presence of stone in radiological studies. Management should include surgical extraction as well as revision of the entire intestine with a suitable subsequent repair. Authors present the case of a 70-year-old patient with the presence of surgically resolved biliary ileum.


Bowel obstruction, Digestive surgery, Gallstone ileum, Intestinal obstruction

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