Hip pain in children dilemmas in diagnosis and management a case report

Lakshmipriya Baskaran, Ashok Thudukuchi Ramanathan


Atraumatic hip pain in growing children is of varied etiology from developmental to infection and tumor. Differential clinical presentation of symptoms and investigation modalities like blood parameters and radiological imaging remains inconclusive at times with differential diagnosis. Biopsy remains the final say in conclusive of establishing final diagnosis unless proved otherwise. Bony lytic lesion of proximal femur in children without systemic illness mimicking benign bone tumor initially (osteiod osteoma) turned out to be chronic osteomyelitis on histopathologically following CT guided biopsy of the lesion which alters the course of management.


Biopsy, Chronic osteomyelitis, Magnetic resonance imaging, Osteoid osteoma

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