Prospective study of clinical profile of acute ischemic stroke in a tertiary care hospital of North India

Shobhit Shakya, Arvind Vaish, Pratibha Singh


Background: Owing to the recent demographic shifts and negative lifestyle changes, stroke is one of the leading causes of mortality across every income group in most of the countries. It is of the utmost importance to devolve into the clinical profile, etiology and management of patients with acute ischaemic stroke.

Methods: It is a prospective case control study. Data was collected using a pre-tested pro forma meeting the objectives of the study. Patients who consented were divided into two groups and complete examination and investigations were carried out.

Results: There were 94 patients with AIS enrolled for the study. The mean age was 56.2 years, of which 68.08% were males and 31.92% were females. The mean time for these patients to reach the health facility was 12.6 hours and only 36.17% of patients reached in the window period of 4.5 hours and were eligible for thrombolysis. Hypertension, Diabetes and smoking were the most common risk factors in this order among others.

Conclusions: There is poor awareness regarding identification of stroke related symptoms and warning signs as majority of patients were unable to reach the hospital in the window period making them ineligible for thrombolysis. The leading etiology runs in the direction of modifiable risk factors which can be corrected at a primary prevention level.


Ischaemic Stroke, Thrombolysis, Risk factors

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