In vivo experimental infection of sarcosporidiosis and toxoplasmosis of rabbits in Duhok Province, Kurdistan region, Iraq


  • Shivan N. Hussein Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Duhok, Iraq
  • Mohammed S. Shukur Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Duhok, Iraq



Oocysts and sporocysts, Protozoan parasites, Tissue cysts


Background: Sarcocystis species and Toxoplasma gondii are both zoonotic obligatory intracellular protozoan organisms and cyst-forming coccidian parasites that occur in domestic animals and human throughout the world.

Methods: Forty local breed rabbits were divided into four groups, each group ten. Group one were infected with Sarcocystis, group two with Toxoplasma and group three with both parasites and last group was non-infected control group. The LAT serological test was used for detection of anti-toxoplasma antibody in serum of Toxoplasma infected rabbits. The direct impression smears stained with Giemsa was prepared from different body organs including; liver, lung, heart, brain and skeletal muscle for detection of tissue cysts (Bradyzoites) of T. gondii and microcysts of Sarcocystis.

Results: In group one, 70% of infected rabbits were positive for toxoplasmosis by serological test; both are and by impression smear method 80% of the rabbits were positive for T. gondii with tissue cysts. Fifty percent of rabbits were positive for microcysts of Sarcocystis by direct impression smear method in group two. In group three, the impression smear and latex agglutination method were positive in 40% and 60% of rabbits, respectively. Statistically, there was no significant difference in detection of toxoplasmosis and sarcocystosis by LAT and impression smear method in group one and three.

Conclusions: Rabbits could be source of toxoplasmosis and sarcocystosis and have public health implications and hazard as source of food. They might be source of infection for cats and shed environmentally resistant oocysts.

Author Biography

Mohammed S. Shukur, Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Duhok, Iraq

Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery


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