Sarcoidosis presenting as Lofgran’s syndrome


  • Atiullah Imran Malik Department of Medicine, Dr. DY Patil Medical College, Dr. DY Patil Vidhyapeeth, Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • Kshithija Sajjan Department of Medicine, Dr. DY Patil Medical College, Dr. DY Patil Vidhyapeeth, Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • Parati Rupesh Shivkumar Department of Medicine, Dr. DY Patil Medical College, Dr. DY Patil Vidhyapeeth, Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • Vijayashree S. Gokhale Department of Medicine, Dr. DY Patil Medical College, Dr. DY Patil Vidhyapeeth, Pune, Maharashtra, India



Erythema nodosum, Hypercalcemia, ACE levels, Sarcoidosis


A 40 year old male, first presented with erythema nodosum, fever, weight loss and joint pains and did not respond to anti-tubercular treatment. One year later he came back with joint pains, erythema nodosum, fever and dry cough. He also had weakness in distal right lower limb more than left limb. He had raised ESR, hypocalcaemia, raised ACE levels and lymphnode involvement on HRCT, with skin biopsy suggestive of sarcoidosis. This time patient responded to treatment and is on regular follow up.


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