Published: 2020-10-28

Implementation of government e-marketplace in a tertiary care hospital of North India: advantages and challenges

Aditi Mehra, Sruti Sharma, Vipin Koushal


Background: The procurement in public sector in India was revolutionized by Government e marketplace (GeM). This study was undertaken to elaborate the implementation process, identify advantages and challenges in a tertiary care institute of North India.

Methods: The process of implementation of GeM was studied by reviewing the orders, records. Data related to items procured from year 2017 to 2019 was retrieved.

Results: The procurement through GeM portal has steadily increased through the year. The portal offers many advanatges like simplification of procurement, paperless, time bound, transparent system with minimal human interface. Innovative approaches like GeM helpdesk, GeMmy are used. There could be better provisions for stringent quality assurance, rate contract or extended warranty or annual and comprehensive maintenance contracts on GeM..

Conclusions: GeM portal is a relatively novel dynamic concept in the country and continuously evolving with a mandate to revolutionize public procurement.


Public procurement, Government e-marketplace, Transparent, Dynamic

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