Published: 2021-01-29

Actinomycosis of the appendix mimicking appendiceal tumor: a case report and review of the literature

Huber Díaz Fuentes, Carlos de Jesús Cocom Quijano, Héctor Omar Márquez Moguel, Marianne González Estévez


Actinomycosis is an uncommon entity caused by an anaerobic bacterium, Actinomyces Israeli, a component of the human oral and gastrointestinal flora. However, it can cause clinical disease, usually consisting of chronic inflammation and sinus tract formation. Abdominal actinomycosis, a rare entity itself, most commonly occurs at the appendix and in the ileocecal valve area. Authors present the case of a 24-year-old patient in which this disease presented as acute appendicitis resolved with a simple appendicectomy, and the etiology, actinomycosis was proved only in the histopathological report.  


Appendicitis, Actinomycosis, Abdominal actinomycosis, Appendiceal tumor

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