Role of danazol in management of mastalgia: a tertiary care experience from North India

Natasha Thakur, Nayeem Ul Hassan, Yaqoob Hassan, Mohd. Yousuf Dar, Gowher Aziz, Syed Muzamil Ishfaq Andrabi, Sheikh Mudashir Khurshid, Javed Ahmad Bhat


Background: Mastalgia is one of the most common complains, for which women consult their general practitioner. Majority of the patients presented with fear of cancer so patient education and availability of quality radiological and pathological services are crucial in the management of patients with mastalgia. This study is aimed to assess the efficacy of danazol on cyclical and non-cyclical mastalgia.

Methods: The study was conducted at Sher-I-Kashmir institute of medical sciences (SKIMS), Srinagar between January 2018 to July 2019. All the patients with mastalgia between 19 to 45 years presenting to surgical OPD were considered eligible for the study. After standard triple assessment, all our patients received 100 mg of danazol twice a day for a period of 3 months. Data was collected and analyzed.

Results: All the patients with mastalgia between 19 to 45 years presenting to surgical OPD were considered eligible for the study. 72% of our patients presented with cyclic mastalgias while as 28% had non cyclic symptoms. 89.65% of patients in cyclic group had responded to cap. Danazol 100 mg twice daily and 81.81% had shown improvement in non-cyclic group. 19 of our patients had side effects due to medications.14 of our patients developed recurrence after discontinuation of medication.

Conclusions: Danazol is very effective in the management of both cyclical and non-cyclical mastalgias. However, cost of the drug and side effects limits its use. Further studies are needed to examine the long-term effectiveness and sustainability of the effects after stopping the treatment.


Breast pain, Cyclic, Non-cyclic, Danazol, Mastalgia

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