Published: 2021-02-25

Right funicular hydrocele accompanied by in adverted lateral inguinal hernia finding in geriatric male patient during operation: a case report

Dewa Gede Sudiatmika, I. Gusti Ayu Agung Bella Jayaningrum


Lateral hernia is caused by patent or reopening of processus vaginalis that lead herniation of abdominal content into scrotal sac. These defects can cause atypical presentation of indirect inguinal hernia along with hydrocele. We present a case of a male 78-year-old with chief complain of painless swelling on right scrotum that gradually getting bigger since a year ago. During the examination we found trans-illuminable mass in the right scrotum along with protrusion of bowel contents at the inguinal region. Patient underwent herniotomy with mesh installation to fix the lateral inguinal hernia and then followed by hydrocele removal with Jaboulay’s technique. Prognosis of this patient is believed to be good. We have presented a case of a geriatric patient with right lateral inguinal hernias with encysted hydrocele which is a presentation that could be happen due to anatomy of the inguinal ring. This patient underwent herniotomy with mesh installation to fix the lateral inguinal hernia and this procedure maintains the principle of tension-free posterior wall, hence preventing recurrence. Then followed by hydrocele removal with Jaboulay’s technique to prevent any complications such as testicular atrophy, haematocele and pyelocele. Prognosis of this patient is believed to be good.


Funicular hydrocele, Lateral inguinal hernia, Geriatric male patient

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