Efficiency of blood utilization and characteristics of patients receiving blood transfusion at an associated hospital in North India

Irm Yasmeen, Ibrar Ahmed, Shazia Bashir


Background: Blood is the liquid connective tissue composed of cells and plasma. It is the most precious and unique gift that one person gives to another. Blood banks are not the manufacturing factories. It can only be available on replacement basis. Periodic review of blood components usage is essential to assess the blood utilization pattern in hospitals. This study was conducted to analyse the efficiency of blood utilization and to minimize the inappropriate use of blood.

Methods: A retrospective cross-sectional study was conducted in the department of blood transfusion and immunohematology, government medical college and associated hospital, Rajouri for a period of one year with effect from November 2019 to November 2020. Data was collected using blood bank record. Blood utilization was calculated using crossmatch to transfusion ratio (C/T), transfusion probability (T%) and transfusion index (TI) indices.

Results: A total of 974 patients were requested to prepare 1270 crossmatched units. Of these 1141 blood units were transfused for 664 patients. The total donations during that period were 1197. 998 donors were replacement donors and 199 were voluntary non-remunerated blood donors donated at various blood donation camps. The overall values of C/T, T% and TI were 1.1:1, 68.1% and 1.1 respectively.

Conclusions: Blood utilization indices show efficient usage of blood. However, a blood ordering policy (MSBOS) must be developed to guide the clinicians regarding blood usage which can decrease overordering of blood thereby reducing unnecessary usage of reagents, manpower and also wastage of blood due to outdating.



Blood transfusion, Blood utilization, Anemia

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