Streptococcus anginosus bacteremia: a septic IVC thrombus and a large empyema requiring decortication

Niaz A. Shaikh, Ayesha H. Alshamsi, Khalid O. Alattar, Jehangir A. Mobushar, Ranjana Pradeep, Asma AlQasmi, Naima Mustafa, Hebah M. Sabri


A previously healthy 39 year old male presented with complaints of cough, fever, abdominal pain and chills. The patient was found to be in active sepsis with hypotension on presentation so was resuscitated while a full septic work-up was ordered. Initial chest X-ray showed only increased broncho-alveolar markings and no consolidations, but blood cultures eventually revealed Streptococcus anginosus bacteremia. Intravenous antibiotics were started and infective endocarditis was ruled out. Computerized tomography scan of the abdomen with contrast revealed findings suggestive of a septic hepatic inferior vena cava thrombus and right lower lung findings suggestive of septic embolization and an empyema. Later on during admission, CT scan of the chest with contrast revealed a moderate-sized empyema of the right lung which eventually required decortication. Discovering such findings concurrently in a single patient is extremely rare, particularly an embolizing septic IVC thrombus with confirmed bacteremia. For this reason it is described in the following case presentation


Anginosus, Milleri, Bacteremia, Emboli, Empyema, Decortication

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