Histopathological evaluation of ovarian tumours in southern part of Assam

Madhusmita Choudhury, Monoj K. Deka, Shah A. Sheikh


Background: Ovarian malignancy is the second most common cancer of the female reproductive system and the leading cause of death from gynecologic malignancy. With increase in longevity, the incidence of epithelial ovarian cancer is increasing and its etiopathology remains unknown. A female’s risk at birth of having ovarian tumour sometime in her life is 6-7%. Two third of ovarian tumours occur in women of reproductive age group. The aim was to study the distribution of morphological pattern of benign, malignant, and nonneoplastic lesions of the ovary in different age groups and to determine the likelihood of bilateral involvement in different morphologic subtypes.

Methods: A retrospective study from January 2018 to December 2020 was undertaken. A total of 210 surgical specimens were obtained. Detailed clinical information and radiological findings were recorded from the case sheets. Grossing of the surgical specimens was done in the pathology department, followed by histological examination.

Results: Of 210 cases, benign cases were 140 (66.7%), malignant cases were 70 (33.3%). Surface epithelial tumors were most common (116/55.2%) followed by germ cell tumors (76, 36.1%) followed by others. Serous cystadenoma was commonest benign tumor (58, 41.4%). Serous adenocarinoma was commonest malignant tumor (19, 27.1%). Benign tumours were more common in the younger age group i.e. <40 years of age whereas malignant tumours were supervenes with increase in age. Most benign ovarian tumors (54, 38.6%) were seen between 31-40 years whereas most malignant tumors (24, 34.3%) were seen above 40 years. In 1st two decades, germ cell tumors were more common than other tumours.

Conclusions: The prognosis and varying therapeutic strategies of ovarian tumours necessitate an accurate pathological evaluation. Histopathological study is still the gold standard in diagnosing most of these tumours.



Germ cell tumour, Ovarian neoplasms, Serous cystadenoma

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